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( Certified freelance Developer of Pakistan )

Sarmad Gardezi is a common name in Islamabad, Pakistan, But in the last 4 years, this equation has changed considerably. is a technology blog started in 2009 by Sarmad Gardezi, Pakistan professional blogger. A techie at heart and a writer by virtue of his profession, Sarmad has a lot more to offer. Sarmad is sharing his journey so far, his success story and the decisions which have brought him where he is today.

A Developer in a Normal Family

Belonging to a normal family, Sarmad had an inclination towards Programming.From the school days, he was interested in computers & development. He was also looking for flexibility to do a lot of things and hence medicine was ruled out.He opted for Computer Science ( software engineering) because that’s what students with good ranks were opting for.

Academically, things didn’t change much for Sarmad at college, where he was among the great programmer in his class at the end of the 2nd year. He recalls,

“When I got a computer, my interest was towards coding but not on the software installation side. I would be really curious to know what happens internally, what files are escalated or modified due to installation of a software in the system. Today also, I’m pretty much doing the same thing.” Sarmad Gardezi

Sarmad fondly remembers his final year of college when he worked on a project atNICR (Computer IT Firm) on Database Management System,

First (Internship) job

Sarmad Gardezi in 2012 with an above average academic performance and joined Moon Creations Inc where he worked on Websites for 2 years.

Sarmad joined and his work was recognized by people in a short span of time. After two years, he was leading a team as Blogger in and his focus shifted to coding. Sarmad says,

“One of the best outcomes of my job at Moon Creations was that I made good friends. At my work, I was putting a lot of efforts, including night-out coding sessions. It was a huge learning experience for me.” Sarmad Gardezi

At MC, Sarmad learnt a lot about how to deal with clients, teammates and people in general. He admits,

“I couldn’t have learnt this in the family business. What I’m doing today is all based on what I learnt during that time. In college, the focus was on theory, but with actual live projects, the much-needed practical knowhow came.” Sarmad Gardezi

I had was to start working as a freelancer. Blogging was extremely new in 2011 and it was a very different environment without social media and other online networking/social tools.

In 2014, Sarmad became professional blogger and founded There’s no particular reason for choosing the name Sg Blog (besides that it was unique (unlike his name). One of the most read blog aggregator in 2014, Desipundit picked a lot of content written by Sarmad and he got the much needed reach. He participated in blog camps across various cities and got noticed because of the uniqueness of being the only one blogging as a profession.

“Forty percent of my readers are based in USA and around 30 percent in Pakistan. Remaining 30 percent readers are spread across other geographies.” Sarmad Gardezi

Sarmad started making money after a year of incorporation. Today, there are multiple sources of revenue for Sarmad which includes Google ad-sense, contextual ad networks, direct ads through Blogads & IDG Technetworks.

A techie at heart and millions in pocket

Sarmad considers himself a technologist at heart who wants to create stuff. In his own words,

“Technology is my life, I’m always thinking about it, even when I’m taking a shower. It helps us in becoming more productive and knowledgeable.” Sarmad Gardezi

Sarmad had always enjoyed building a tool/software ( Java Scripts ) to solve a problem. For him, it’s an added advantage to have a blog and the massive reach. He has worked on several projects in the last two years when his focus has shifted from writing to building as well. These include single page apps; tools enabling MP3, transcription on web browser, podcast gallery – podcast on Google drive, and any others. He has written multiple scripts/apps around Google doc/drive. Sar,ad sources ideas from Reddit (ZeroDollarMovies project), friends, users and forums.

He recalls,

One of my friends was facing issues with tatkal booking because of the short window for booking tickets. I thought of making the required fields auto fill to solve his problem. When I released it for the public, travel agents across the country purchased it and it’s used extensively now.” Sarmad Gardezi


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